Tweed Exhibit: “Taking Stock” showcases work by UMD Senior

Photo courtesy of Susanna Gaunt 

Photo courtesy of Susanna Gaunt 

Susanna Gaunt, a senior majoring in studio art has her exhibition in Tweed titled “Taking Stock” until Nov. 5.

The exhibition took Gaunt a year and a half to complete.

“From testing, research, prototypes and collecting it took me awhile,” Gaunt said.

The exhibition shows taking stock of life. Gaunt has an obsession with collecting, especially the bones of dead animals.  

“[The exhibit] looks at aging towards death,” Gaunt said. “It’s a reflection on life and death and why we collect.”

The installation is a collage of mixed media.

“It has a mix of photography, sewing, drawing, painting and printmaking,” Gaunt said.

An inspiration for Gaunt was old natural history drawings and drawings of specimens from scientists.

Prior to enrolling in the art program Gaunt was a photography instructor and created art on the side. When her kids were grown and she stopped moving around she decided it was time to learn more.

In the future Gaunt hopes to have her exhibit shown other places, but for now is glad to be graduating.

“Overall I’m really happy with the program,” Gaunt said.

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