Lizzo and Rob $tone headline UMD’s homecoming concert

Photo courtesy of Kirby Program Board

Photo courtesy of Kirby Program Board

Lizzo and Rob $tone will be performing at UMD’s homecoming concert on October 13th, at parking lot E.

“We haven’t had a homecoming concert this big in a while,” Kirby Program Board Advisor Erin Olson said.

KPB has been organizing the event since early this summer, lining performers up and setting up the venue, which became the parking lot outside of the UMD library.

The fall and spring concerts each had a capacity of around 1,250 people, but the homecoming concert of this year is expected to fit around 2,500 people, effectively doubling size.

“This was the number one spot we wanted so we’re pumped,” KPB president Kevin Adah said. “The concert will be only 100 feet away from the football field.”

Lizzo is a soul, R&B, and hip-hop artist. She first started her musical career in Minneapolis, and has quickly grown more popular nationally, especially among students at UMD.

She will be performing alongside Rob $tone for the first time. He was scheduled to perform at last year’s spring concert, but weather issues moved the date to the fall homecoming concert.

His tour begins shortly after the homecoming concert at UMD, so it gives students a good chance to see him before he takes off across the country.

Last year the spring concert had Ty Dolla $ign, but due to the bad weather, it had to be cancelled. KPB offered to refund those tickets for those who purchased them, and over 100 people got their money back.

“I’ll go this year, considering the weather,” said UMD sophomore Andrew Dale.

The concert will be held outside, and is open to students on campus or to people outside of the school. The tickets will be five dollars for students and ten for anyone else outside of campus. They are available every Tuesday at the Garage.

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