A list of holidays to celebrate in December

Illustration by Jake Barnard

Illustration by Jake Barnard


Celebrated in the Christian faith, it is the four Sundays preceding Christmas day


Celebrated by some Unitarian Universalists, takes place the first week of December


Celebrated in the Jewish faith, Sunday December 2 beginning at sunset


Celebrated in some Alpine countries, December 5 marks the night before Saint Nicholas visits. Krampus is known as Saint Nicholas’ devilish companion who punishes the bad children the night before

Saint Nicholas Day:

Celebrated in parts of Europe, December 6

Bodhi Day:

Celebrated in the Buddhist faith, December 8 known as the Day of Enlightenment, celebrating the day the Historical Buddha experienced enlightenment

Feast of the Immaculate Conception:

Celebrated as a public holiday in many Catholic countries, December 8 celebrated as the day of Virgin Mary’s immaculate conception

Saint Lucia’s Day, also called the Feast of Saint Lucia:

Celebrated in the Christian faith, December 13

Las Posadas:

Celebrated in Latin America, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, and by Hispanics in the United States, beginning December 16 and ending December 24. Las Posadas is a novenario (nine days of religious observance)

Pancha Ganapati:

Celebrated in the Hindu faith, a modern five-day Hindu festival celebrated from December 21-25 in honor of Ganesha

Christmas Eve:

Celebrated in Christendom and Western society, December 24 The evening or entire day before Christmas Day, the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus

Christmas Day:

Celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike, December 25 an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ


An alternative to celebrating the religious holiday of Christmas, December 25

The Twelve Days of Christmas:

Also known as Twelvetide, is celebrated as a festive Christian season celebrating the Nativity of Jesus Christ. December 25 - January 6

Boxing Day:

Celebrated in a number of countries that previously formed part of the British Empire, December 26

Saint Stephen’s Day:

Celebrated in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, December 26 celebrated as the Second Day of Christmas


A celebration held in the United States and in other nations of the African diaspora in the Americas and lasts a week, December 26- January 1

Saint John the Evangelist Day:

Celebrated in Western and Christian religions, December 27

New Year’s Eve:

Celebrated by many countries, December 31


Celebrated by the Scottish as their own New Year’s Eve celebration, December 31

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