UMD’s Skin Care and Makeup Club

Illustration by: Megan Rowe

Illustration by: Megan Rowe

This January, junior Erin Sedra and three of her friends began UMD’s Skin Care and Makeup club. Sedra, a beauty consultant for Mary Kay, thought it would be a fun thing for her and her friends.

“We love skin care and we love makeup,” Sedra said. “We wanted to get better at it, especially makeup.”

Sedra and her friends decided to create Skin Care and Makeup a club so they could rent out a room on campus instead of having to meet in a cramped dorm room. The club is more of a social gathering and place to have fun.

“I think it’s a really good thing for incoming freshman girls and guys too,” Sedra said. “But especially for girls who want to meet friends.”

Sedra has been working for Mary Kay since October of 2017 along with two other members of the club. Since the club’s start, all active members have become Mary Kay workers. Another member of the club is freshman Mardi Opheim who works as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, but is actually separated from the corporation.

“I chose to join because I am my own boss, I get to pick when I want to work, where and with who,” Opheim said. “Women are important and beautiful, and I think that some women need to know that about themselves.”

Although most of the makeup and skincare products experimented with in the club are from Mary Kay, anyone interested in joining can bring whatever makeup and products they feel most comfortable using on their skin.  

“All of us are super busy with school all of the time and so this is a super fun break to just chill out and chat about makeup, and I mean skin care of course,” Opheim said. “Making people feel beautiful is the best part of all of it, I think, because when you look good you feel good, or at least I do.”

Mary Kay is a worldwide beauty brand and direct seller in nearly 40 markets. Mary Kay has been around for more than five decades and has grown into a champion for women’s entrepreneurship founded by Mary Kay Ash according to Mary Kay’s website.

“I really like the income and I really like owning my own business,” Sedra said about working for Mary Kay. “It just makes me happy.”

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