Bowls Club

Illustration by Megan Rowe

Illustration by Megan Rowe

There will be a new club here on campus.  Thursday, Sept. 27, at 6 p.m. in the Garden Room, Bowls club will have their first official meeting. Bowls Club is a place to get together with friends, work on homework, and have a bowl of cereal.

The idea for Bowls Club started last November when sophomore Andrew Ernst, who is now president of Bowls Club, sophomore Alisa Fenske, the treasurer, and their friends were eating cereal in the Dining Center.

“The whole reason the club started [is] because my friend group was really into eating cereal,” Fenske said.  “One guy in our friend group ate cereal for lunch and dinner and finally another friend was like, ‘oh, Adam, I’m going to eat a bowl for you,’ and it just kind of started this trend.”

This trend continued within the friend group who started a Snapchat hashtag of ‘#bowls for Adam’ and word got around campus.

“We just had bowls of cereal at dinner and then turned it into a club,” Ernst said.

As of right now, most members of the club are friends of Ernst and Fenske, but they hope to meet new people at Thursday’s meeting and have the club expand.

“We’ll be putting up posters sometime this week and our first meeting will be more of an informational meeting,” Ernst said. “Anyone can join at the meeting and there isn’t any restrictions on joining as long as you participate.”

The meetings will likely be only two Thursdays a month due to busy schedules, but Ernst said they’d be flexible and try to have meetings that would accommodate everyone's schedule.

As of right now the club is still trying to raise money to be able to provide members with cereal for each meeting.

“We don’t have university funding yet because we are a first semester club,” Ernst said. “But as of right now we had someone donate money and that is what we will be using for our first meeting.”

The club just celebrated their 300th day of eating cereal and have big plans for their one year anniversary.
The plan is to eat 365 bowls of cereal on their one year anniversary, similar to how they celebrated their 100th day.

“On the 100th day we ate 100 bowls of cereal,” Fenske said.

Ernst said it took them a little over an hour to do with about 14 people participating.

“This was in one of the corner booths up there near the dishwashing area,” Ernst said. “All the workers saw us and they all thought we were crazy ‘cause we didn’t clear any of the dishes, we just stacked them all up, so we had 100 bowls stacked at the end.”

For the one year anniversary Ernst hopes to have someone there to count the bowls for them so they don’t use up as many as they did reaching 100.

“We just decided we were going to make a club because we like eating cereal as a group thing, and it is just a way for us to come together and just kind of chill and hang out,” said Fenske.

For more information on Bowls Club, visit their homepage and check them out on Instagram.

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