Twenty new clubs add to campus community

Clubs and organizations gathered on the Kirby Terrence for the 2017 Activities Fair. Photo courtesy of Kirby Student Center 

Clubs and organizations gathered on the Kirby Terrence for the 2017 Activities Fair. Photo courtesy of Kirby Student Center 

With over 250 clubs and organizations on campus, finding the club that’s right for you can be a real challenge. Whether you are interested in sports, making friends, or meeting people with a common interest, everyone can find a group they fit in to.

“There’s no way you can be bored on campus,” says Student Organizations Coordinator Kathleen MacLeay. “There’s something here for everyone.” MacLeay oversees all the student groups and organizations at UMD.

Clubs aren’t limited to just sports teams or social interests, however. Many organizations are for volunteering and charity, building meaningful experience in a professional setting, or helping build a community through their religion.

Many of the clubs don’t have a deadline to sign up, so it’s never too late to try joining one.

UMD sophomore Chad O’Donnell got involved quickly with clubs, joining the Asian Pacific American Student Association and other similar groups. “Right off the bat I made so many friends; they had open arms.”

The number of clubs is always growing. Just this year, UMD has added 20 new clubs and organizations, such as Club Baseball, the Real Fine Drumline group, and the Arabic Language club. Even if there isn’t a group that catches your eye, making your own club is much simpler than it may seem.

“It only takes four people, and passion and drive to start a student organization,” MacLeay says.

Students may register their groups by the September 12th deadline. For it to be a UMD sponsored group, a faculty member will have to endorse it. Simply running it by a professor and other staff member gives that group permission to become that official group at UMD.

With so many options available, finding out how to get involved at UMD can seem overwhelming. BulldogLink on the UMD website contains a list of every club offered on campus, each with a contact link and more info.

If students are interested in getting more familiar with their field, they can have a one-on-one consultation with their professor, and they can recommend different clubs or groups that would fit best for you.

It can be difficult for some students to get involved right away. If there’s any doubt, “Just show up,” O’Donnell says. “Learn people’s names, and as soon as you start remembering their names, that’s when it gets fun.”

For more info on clubs and groups, go on Bulldog Link at

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