The Paranormal Club offers a unique experience exploring the unusual

Alexis Sininger and Libby Haggerty tabling on Sept. 30. Photo by Izabel Johnson

Alexis Sininger and Libby Haggerty tabling on Sept. 30. Photo by Izabel Johnson

Spooky season has officially begun and the Paranormal Club on campus is celebrating accordingly.

The Paranormal Club is a student-run organization on UMD campus that meets every Wednesday to discuss all things spooky.

 According to the President of the club, Libby Haggerty, it was started approximately six years ago by UMD students who enjoyed horror movies and related topics. The students would meet every week and watch horror movies together and discuss them. Today, the club is organized and ran by UMD student Haggerty and includes a variety of topics and activities. 

Haggerty has always had a passion for the paranormal and said that she grew up ghost and Sasquatch hunting with her father.

 “In my family we studied the paranormal and anything supernatural,” Haggerty said when asked about what inspired her to become the president of the Paranormal Club. 

The Paranormal Club’s flyer

The Paranormal Club’s flyer

The club is filled with welcoming students who, like Haggerty, have a passion for the unusual. Meetings can range from discussing the psychology of horror movies to throwing epic Halloween parties, according to Haggerty. 

Haggerty stated that the most memorable meeting during her time in the club was the Halloween party the club threw the previous year.

“That was insanity. Pretty much insanity,” Haggerty said in regards to the event. 

The Halloween party this year will be held Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. in RDC 301 on UMD campus. Other important events for the club include a visit to the Haunted Shack, Boo at the Zoo and more. The club will be holding their craft sale in the tabling area in Kirby Student Center Oct. 2 and Oct. 4 and meetings are every Wednesday night from 7:30-10:00 p.m. 

For more spooky details contact Libby Haggerty.

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