Zack Filipovich, College Democrats and College Republicans prepare for election day

UMD Alumni and Councilor at Large, Zack Filipovich. Photo: Idun Rasmussen

UMD Alumni and Councilor at Large, Zack Filipovich. Photo: Idun Rasmussen

Councilor at Large for Duluth City Council Zack Filipovich was in Kirby Student Center on Monday afternoon to speak with UMD students about election day.

“I graduated from UMD five years ago, and a year later I had a job and was running for city council,” Filipovich said. “I wanted to come back to see college democrats and talk to students to find out what issues are important to them.”

Filipovich said that the campaign has been good but long, and that he is excited for the campaign to be over and to get back to work.

“I would appreciate for everyone to get out and vote on Tuesday,” Filipovich said.

Vice President of the College Democrats Bella Maki said that the organization has been taking their members to different events to help them decide on who to vote for.

“We hosted a panel with all the candidates on Friday and asked questions,” Maki said. “It gave the students a chance to find out more about the candidates and who their values align the most with.”

Maki said that the organization is preparing to give out rootbeer floats to whoever has an “I voted” sticker on election day.

“Grab your friends and drag them to the polls with you,” Maki said. “Local elections affect you to a great extent because they’re right here in Duluth.”

College Republicans Chief of Staff Jared Hagen said that the organization has been tabling as well.

“At our meetings, we talk about the local elections and how the importance of signing up to vote,” Hagen said. “It’s your civic duty to vote.”

Hagen said that while many college students vote for presidency, they typically don’t vote in local elections.

“Local elections are always important,” Hagen said. “They have more impact than most college students think.”

UMD students living on campus can vote in Kirby Student Center. Others can find their polling place here.

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