Chancellor Black welcomes new Bulldogs home

Lendley C. Black is the chancellor of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Photo by Lynne Williams

Lendley C. Black is the chancellor of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Photo by Lynne Williams

Greetings Bulldogs!

The start of the school year is an exciting time of the year when students fill our campus and bring a contagious energy that always rejuvenates me. Thank you for choosing UMD, and thank you for being a part of the UMD community. It is our goal to help you learn and grow during your time here. We hope to inspire you, intrigue you, challenge you, and help you discover a successful path for your future endeavors.

The campus community here at UMD is shaped by each one of us. As individuals, we have a responsibility to contribute to the campus culture and environment through our actions, perceptions, and words. At UMD, we strive to model our core values, and I ask that you take a minute to read through them and model these values yourself every day as part of the Bulldog community.

  • Learning. We analyze, solve problems, improve processes, and develop new ways of creating, working, and being.
  • Discovery. We discover, create, and share knowledge.
  • Engagement. We actively collaborate with each other and the larger community to identify and achieve common goals.
  • Inclusiveness. We respect and embrace the diversity of individuals, perspectives, and ideas and promote social justice.
  • Sustainability. We balance current environmental, economic, and social needs with those of future generations.
  • Innovation. We are an evidence-based and forward-thinking institution that is capable of adjusting to changing demands on the university.
  • Integrity. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and take responsibility for our ideas and actions.
  • Excellence. We achieve excellence through creativity, continuous improvement, and innovation.

Throughout the year, you will hear regularly from me and other members of the UMD leadership team. We will update you on important campus initiatives such as our efforts to put an end to sexual misconduct. This last spring and summer, all faculty and staff were required to participate in a thorough sexual misconduct training. I am pleased to say that we have a 99.2 percent completion rate and will continue to work towards maintaining it at 100 percent. You will hear more about this initiative, and I ask for your support to ensure sexual misconduct has no place at UMD.

While I ask for your participation in these important matters, I also encourage you to get the most out of your college experience. The faculty and staff at UMD are here to support you. Get to know your professors and your advisors well. Use them and ask them questions when you need help. Get involved with a student organization, get to know your classmates. Get out and explore Duluth, Lake Superior, and all the magnificent beauty surrounding us.

Thank you again for being part of the Bulldog community, and best wishes for a great semester.


Lendley C. Black


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