Thirteen freshmen running for Student Association positions


Student Association's freshman elections are set to take place September 17 and 18 with eight freshman running for at-large positions and four running for the freshman president position. Freshman can vote using Bulldog Link and the polls will close at 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Here are the candidates that are running to represent the class of 2022.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Imdieke

Photo courtesy of Jordan Imdieke

Jordan Imdieke

St. Cloud, MN

Jordan Imdieke has never held a role in student government, but believes his drive and quick acclimation to new skills will more than compensate for the lack of experience for freshman president. According to Imdieke, he was involved in speech, drama and football during high school.

“I chose to run for Student Association because I want the class of 2022 to have proper representation,” Imdieke said.

Imdieke believes that some of the qualities that makes him are his strong leadership skills, public speaking and overall passion to get stuff done. Imdieke is also an Eagle Scout, a rank very few achieve.

“This accomplishment provides a strong background for me as ethical being,” Imdieke said.

Imdieke hopes to bring more activities and job awareness towards freshmen.

“Many of us are currently lost looking for work-study or missing out on activities and we are passionate about because we don’t know how to get involved,” Imdieke said.

Photo courtesy of Dakota Schmaling

Photo courtesy of Dakota Schmaling

Dakota Schmaling

Janesville, Wisconsin

Dakota Schmaling is running for freshman president because he feels that he has the charisma and drive to make change on campus and hopes to voice the opinions of those who lack one.

“I feel my level of constant cherisma and energy are definitely my unique character traits,” Schmaling said. “As far as representing my classmates, I hope my duty of representation is in a fair and unbiased manner, with the goal of a better campus for everyone.”

As for new ideas, Schmaling reports that he has a few cooking.

“I will wait to disclose those ideas until I fully grasp the powers and possibilities of the position I will hold,” Schmaling said.

Anthony Kyle

Rochester, Minnesota

Anthony Kyle has had leadership roles in high school football, the Carla Nelson campaign for Congress and was an adviser for Solken Technologies.

“I’m running for Freshman President so that I can make a meaningful difference for me and my peers,” Kyle said. “I’m resilient, hardworking, and honest, and I hope to represent my classmates in the best and most suitable manner possible.”

According to Kyle, he is focusing on ideas that are geared towards building a more connected student body as well as addressing problems that are common amongst us.

“I hope to do all of this and more while working with my future SA members as well as the rest of the student body,” Kyle said.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Remington

Photo courtesy of Hunter Remington

Hunter Remington

Watertown, Minnesota

Hunter Remington was the treasurer, vice-president, and president in his high school choir and the captain of his speech and mock trial team.

“I am running for President because I enjoy being a leader and being able to help people and take charge of a situation,” Remington said.

According to Remington, his uniqueness for president is that he is in the School of Fine Arts, and believes that this is important because not many students are in SFA. As for campus issues, Remington wants to focus on parking issues on at UMD.  

“I do believe that one of the bigger problems on-campus is parking availability and the price that parking permits cost,” Remington said.

Photo courtesy of Eli Sailer-Haugland

Photo courtesy of Eli Sailer-Haugland

Eli Sailer-Haugland

Roseville, Minnesota

Eli Sailer-Haugland served on student council for six years prior to coming to UMD. Sailer-Haugland was also on the Thespian Leadership Board his senior year, a theatre production board, which hosted four main productions throughout the year. According to Sailer-Haugland, he was also a member of the National Honors Society for two years.

“I am running for Student Association because I want to help other students achieve the best education they can at UMD, while also making sure they are enjoying their time at UMD outside of the classroom,” Sailer-Haugland said. “I am a very outspoken, extroverted person, that loves communicating with others.”

In his campaign, Sailer-Haugland notes that he wants to bring up ideas from every student in an appropriate and timely manner, while satisfying or making sure it doesn’t interfere with the students’ lives.

Photo courtesy of Jakob Christopherson

Photo courtesy of Jakob Christopherson

Jakob Christopherson

Montevideo, Minnesota

Jakob Christopherson served on his middle and high school student council.

“I am running because I enjoy the student government environment, and I have the desire to help make UMD a better place for everyone,” Christopherson said. “My unique palate would have to entail my calm and collected personality, ability to work with others and see their point of view, high levels of motivation and easy to talk to person.”  Christopherson said.

Christopherson hopes to represent his fellow classmates in the way he would want to be represented by listening and making himself easy to contact.

“If elected, I would to love to be able to help the older members with their projects and changes and then learn from them and hopefully change UMD for the better in the future,” Christopherson said.

Photo courtesy of Logan Kalis

Photo courtesy of Logan Kalis

Logan Kalis

New Ulm, MN

Logan Kalis served on his school’s board of robotics for 2 years prior to coming to UMD.

“I’m running for Student Association because I want to better the class of 2022 in anyway possible and I know I can reach the most people by joining Student Association,” Kalis said.

Kalis believes that he can bring great multitasking skills to the plate, as well as I connecting with everybody.

“I’m very good with working with very little to make big changes,” Kalis said.

Kalis is focusing on representing everybody in the best ways possible and wants to better everybody’s life here as much as he can.
“I think this campus is beautiful and amazing, but if anybody has other views, I’ll be there to support them and together we can make the change,” Kalis said.

Photo courtesy of Sadira Burgess

Photo courtesy of Sadira Burgess

Sadira Burgess

New Richmond, WI

Sadira Burgess served as the student council president at New Richmond High School for two years.

“I was the student representative of the whole student body itself, and I was the class Vice President,” Burgess said.

According to Burgess, she is running because she loves trying to make a change and being a line of communication between the students and the administrators.

“I want people to feel that if they see something that they think needs changing, I’m going to work to make sure their voices are heard,” Burgess said.

Burgess wants to focus on improving parking, housing and the size of the Dining Center.

“I want to make sure there is a place for everyone here and that everyone has a place where they feel they belong,” Burgess said. “I genuinely care about what people care about and I think that my ability to relate to people of all walks of life will help in making sure everyone’s opinions are heard.”

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Schneider

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Schneider

Suzanne Schneider

New London, Minnesota

Suzanne Schneider held the student council historian position at New London - Spicer High School during her senior year.

“I’m running for Student Association because I am extremely passionate about government and our community,” Schneider said. “I love being involved and I believe I would be a great representative for the class of 2022.”

Schneider believes she brings honesty, passion and commitment to the plate.

“I think one thing that makes me unique is that once I commit myself to something that I’m passionate about, I stick with it until the end. I’m also proud about being a Bulldog, I’m not afraid to speak my mind, and I’m not afraid to stand up for what’s right,” Schneider said.

Schneider hopes to be able to hear as many of her classmates wants and needs and successfully represent them. In addition, Schneider wants to address the lack parking at UMD.

“If elected, I hope to focus on this subject to work on finding a solution,” Schneider said.

Photo courtesy of Anna Counihan

Photo courtesy of Anna Counihan

Anna Counihan

South St. Paul, MN

Anna Counihan was a part of her high school student government at South St. Paul Secondary.

“I am running for Student Association because I want to be the voice for UMD students who are either unable or afraid to share their opinions,” Counihan said.

According to Counihan, she wants to bring other students ideas and voices to the table and ensure representation for all.

“I am a committed individual who will ensure that everybody gets a seat at the table,” Counihan said.

As for new ideas, Counihan wants to focus her attention on events that get UMD students out to the polls on voting day.

“Whether this event is an ice cream social, a barbecue or a pizza party, I think it is extremely important to have UMD students actively practicing their right to vote, no matter who they vote for,” Counihan said.

Photo courtesy of Teddy Kernan

Photo courtesy of Teddy Kernan

Teddy Kernan

Buffalo, MN

Teddy Kernan has been a part of many student run programs such as Students Stepping Up and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“I’m running for Student Association because I feel like I’m a very personable candidate that can be trusted to represent them,” Kernan said.

According to Kernan, he wants to make a positive impact as a student representative.

“I’m the person who’s always willing to go the extra 500 miles and I would walk another 500 more,” Kernan said. “I want to always make sure that the student voices are heard and to do the best I can to help them.”

According to Kernan, he is hoping to be a part of the Bulldog Taxi program in the future.

“I'd love to be able to help maintain safe transportation amongst all platforms and help people get to where they need to be as efficiently as possible,” Kernan said.

Photo courtesy of Bob Libal

Photo courtesy of Bob Libal

Bob Libal

Two Harbors, MN

Bob Libal served on his school’s student council since 7th grade and was active in the North Eastern Division of the Minnesota Association of Student Councils in Two Harbors. According to Libal, he served as the president and parliamentarian of the North Eastern Division.

“I am running for Student Association because I love working for others,” Libal said. “I want everyone to have an inclusive and amazing time at UMD.”

According to Libal, he wants to focus on freshman making connections and making Bulldogs feel more comfortable.

“I will work really hard to make connections with people and listen to what they have to say and hope to make everyone feel welcome and excited to go to school here,” Libal said.

Teddy Fong will also be running for a Freshman At-Large position but did not respond to our request. He can be reached at

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