Identity Evropa stickers and symbols found in Duluth

Identity Evropa Sticker on Bus Stop, Photo Courtesy of Nik Nerburn

Identity Evropa Sticker on Bus Stop, Photo Courtesy of Nik Nerburn

A Facebook post published on Feb. 4th caused concern when it revealed that an Identity Evropa sticker had been placed on the back of a bus stop at 14th Ave. and East Superior St.

Identity Evropa have become well-known as part of the growing alt-right movement in the United States and have been labeled as proponents of fascism and nazism by many of their critics.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a nonprofit advocacy organization specializing in civil rights, described Identity Evropa as, “created by Nathan Damigo, a former Marine enrolled at the California State University, Stanislaus. A close associate of outspoken white nationalist, Richard Spencer, Damigo’s focus has remained largely on packaging his racist message as intellectualized identity politics.”

Sticker after being defaced, Photo Courtesy of Nik Nerburn

Sticker after being defaced, Photo Courtesy of Nik Nerburn

The post, made by Nik Nerburn, showed the sticker before and after it was damaged to remove the organization’s name. Nerburn, who made clear in his post that the sticker and organization’s presence was upsetting, said that, “Some people might not be alarmed by something small like a sticker, but I am. In our current political climate, white supremacists are feeling emboldened to commit real acts of violence. Either acting alone or in groups, these people pose an immediate threat to our community.”

With most activity based on or near college campuses, the SPLC went on to say that, “as college campuses across the nation settle into the fall semester, many are being confronted by the realities of white supremacy.”

NBC, while reporting on recent actions by the organization’s founder, described Identity Evropa’s origins as interconnected with the political rallies held in 2017 in Charlottesville, which saw both sides of the political spectrum clash, sometimes violently. “Identity Evropa gained notoriety last year when it helped organize the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.”

The organization does not shy away from its association with the western world and describes itself as such, “Identity Evropa is an American Identitarian organization. As such, our main objective is to create a better world for people of European heritage – particularly in America – by peacefully effecting cultural change. Identity Evropa is thus an explicitly non-violent organization.” It should be noted that Identity Evropa does not identify itself a neo-nazi organization.

With the conversation of what can and can’t be posted becoming a common one on and off campus, the presence and removal of Identity Evropa’s stickers in Duluth only builds on to the developing situation.

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