Letter from the editor: Revisiting Project Inclusion


In December 2017, The Bark dedicated the month to a special project called “Project Inclusion”. This project focused on finding the stories of diversity and inclusion around our campus.

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Samantha Church

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Samantha Church

After that month, and one other story being published the next semester, the project lost its momentum. We are hoping to revive that momentum and allow the project to become an ongoing series.  

Inspired by the 2015-2016 Campus Climate Survey results, our goal is to find stories of successes and failures within our campus and the local community on the issues of diversity and inclusion. Our team is dedicated to finding those stories.

Our April edition is focused on these stories, though we understand we cannot begin to fully encompass the severity and sensitivity associated with them. We hope to do our best in covering underrepresented and minority groups, and we understand the enormity of the topic.

The Bark staff is not working alone. Students in this semester’s Local Journalism class will also be writing stories for our online section. Their stories will be focused on the community and its contribution to diversity and inclusion.

If you are a member of the UMD or Duluth community and have a story or idea you’d like to share, here’s what you can do:

  • Share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #ProjectInclusion

  • Message us on Facebook

  • Email us at barkumd@d.umn.edu

  • Call us at (218) 726-7112

  • Stop by our office (KSC 115E) anytime