"Mile 22" full of action and suspense

Illustration by Jake Barnard

Illustration by Jake Barnard

When I saw the trailer of “Mile 22” myself, I thought it would be very interesting to watch. The reason it would is because I would see what happens throughout the film.

When I recently saw “Mile 22” starring Mark Wahlberg, I thought it was one of the best movie that I have ever seen in my entire life, just because I am a huge action fan myself.

The movie is directed by Peter Berg, who had directed Wahlberg in three biographical films “Lone Survivor” (2013), “Deepwater Horizon” (2016) and “Patriots Day” (2016). I think that Wahlberg and Berg make a great team together because I like the way that they work with one another.

For those of you that are Mark Wahlberg fans, I would highly recommend “Mile 22” and see it as soon as possible. It is approximately an hour and a half long, so it is simply worth both your time and energy to see it.

The cool thing that I saw in the movie was a drone that tracks the whereabouts of a team of CIA secret agents, including Wahlberg’s main character James Silva (aka Child 1). Their main objective is to protect an Indonesian asset portrayed by Iko Uwais. They accompany him on his journey to an airplane within 22 miles so that he can safely return to his home country as soon as possible.

“Mile 22” simply reminds me of Peter Berg’s film “The Kingdom” starring Jamie Foxx, which came out in 2007.

Another cool thing that I saw was some bobbleheads of U.S. presidents, including Donald Trump and Barack Obama, as workplace decorations. The bobbleheads are for the trackers to look at including John Malkovich’s character James Bishop, the boss of Silva and others including Ronda Rousey’s character Sam Snow (aka Child 3).

The bobbleheads do appear for a very short amount of time in the film because they might be fun to play with and treated like toys.

The third cool thing that I saw was that the film’s secondary character, Noor of Indonesia, has some fighting scenes, including one in a hospital. Most of the time, Noor, in my opinion, is very strict with personal information that he has in his head. The information in his head is kept secret.

If I were you, likely similar to the movie, I would be extremely careful with sharing personal information, whether it is online and/or on social media. Facebook, for example, has gone through plenty of trouble this year, particularly the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

I don’t want to do spoiler alerts, but some social media is mentioned in “Mile 22,” by the way. In today’s society, I would rather be safe than sorry. Always think twice before doing something good or bad.

According to Box Office Mojo, the budget for “Mile 22” at the moment is no more than $100 million worldwide. I do hope that it does well at the box office for many weeks to come.

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