Letter from the editor: A year in review

Photo by Mikayla Johnson

Photo by Mikayla Johnson

Hello, my name is Samantha Church. I'm your new editor-in-chief of The Bark. I am excited to take the reins of leadership at our student-run news organization.

I have worked with this news organization since I was a first year student. I have been striving for this position. I have worked hard, covering news stories that are vital for the vein of students to read.

Now that I’m finally in the position I’ve dreamed for, I hope you see change. Please feel free to reach out to me personally at barkumd@d.umn.edu with any criticism. Your feedback weighs on the production of our content.

This semester, I hope to focus on you, the student. We write for you as students, and it’s hard to write for everyone if they are not all being represented. This is something our organization has struggled with. This semester, we hope you help us and give us feedback. We hope you see our struggle and help guide us in the direction we should be going.

This amazing opportunity allows me to make the changes I hoped to see. I only wish for you to help me along the way.

Our first issue of the year is on newsstands around campus. We’ve been The Bark since October 2017. In this issue we republished some stories that never made it to print. .

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