Opinion: Why March Madness is the greatest tournament in sports

Illustration by Karli Kruse

Illustration by Karli Kruse

It’s that time of year again to grab your pencils, predict the upsets, and try to fill out that perfect bracket—something that has never been done.

For about a three week period, March Madness is the craze of the sports world with over 70 million brackets made annually.

Whether you are in a $10 pool with your friends or just a friendly competition between family members, no one can simply seem to escape the madness.

For me, March Madness is my second favorite “sports holiday” behind only the Super Bowl. It offers everything that one would want in a sports tournament.

Filling out the bracket is just half the fun. The real fun comes when I’m sitting in class on Thursday and Friday, watching the person in front of you noticeably going crazy because the team they have going all the way is about to get knocked off by a team they have never heard of.

The other thing that makes March Madness great is that anyone and any school can make a name for themselves, and last year was a great example of this.

Last year gave us one of the best upsets in any sport when No. 16 seed University of Maryland- Baltimore County (UMBC) beat No. 1 seed Virginia in the opening round by a whopping 20 points.

And if that wasn’t good enough, last year’s tournament also gave us the immortalization of Sister Jean after No. 11 seed Loyola University Chicago made a Cinderella run to the final four.

The only part about March Madness that I find to be unfair is that it doesn’t matter how many games you watch throughout the season or the countless hours of tinkering with your bracket. The person that ends up winning your pool is the person who not only never watched basketball but picks their bracket strictly on which team has the better mascot.

This year’s tournament has definitely set the stage for more upsets, busted brackets and that one person who swears “they almost picked that team to go all the way.”

The Final Four this year will be played in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium. So if you are thinking about going you are in luck because there are still tickets available that range anywhere from $165 to $31,501.

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